Patios & Outdoor Living Spaces

Whether you are in need of a small patio retreat or would like to create a large outdoor living space for large summer time gatherings, our crew is well equipped to design and install your project. Our proven track record has earned us a title as an Authorized Contractor for Unilock, and one of the premier paver installers in the area!


Retaining walls, Walkways & Driveways

Aside from how visually appealing they are, brick and stone hardscapes also provide accessibility to different areas of your yard, border off areas where you want more or less traffic on your lawn and/or by your gardens, and create a barrier and prevent grass and/or weeds from creeping in around your flower beds, walkways, driveways, and porches.

A well designed and executed landscape plan is the key to a beautiful home.  At MAC Landscaping & De

Landscape Design & Installation

A well designed and executed landscape plan is the key to a beautiful home.  At MAC Landscaping & Design, we specialize in developing and creating a landscape plan that will suit the needs and desires of each customer. Let us bring your design to life, or MAC Landscaping can create one for you.


Irrigation & Drainage

Water is one of the most important components of landscaping, and in our opinion, a landscapers first job.   Whether you are in need of supplying water to your yard, or you need to get rid of it, our company can help with many water issues homeowners face.


Landscape Lighting

A touch of accent lighting to any yard can really bring out the beauty in a home.  Wether lighting a couple steps leading to the porch, or simply accenting your favorite landscape pieces, it takes the right light to give the right effect.  Ask us what we can do to brighten your day!